Happy Thanksgiving!

For most of you reading this email you already have an idea of what you’re going to drink with your Thanksgiving dinner. I do want to spend a little time highlighting some varietals that will pair wonderfully with dinner to help inspire your wine choices for the holiday. All of these varietals will be displayed on our
Steals and Deals endcap for you.

Champagne or sparkling wine is very versatile. Often thought of as an aperitif, this wine will also pair great with Thanksgiving dinner. Bright acidity will cut through heavier dishes on the table while the richness will pair wonderfully with white meat turkey.
Beaujolais actually offers a lot of lovely flavor pairings for your meal. Made from Gamay grapes, the wine is comparable to pinot noir, but it has an even wider range of complements. It’s lighter body pairs well with salads, roasted squash, cranberries and marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes.
Whether from Alsace, Germany or Washington, Riesling wines are a great pick for a Thanksgiving dinner white wine. Riesling’s innate flavors of apple, apricot, honey and its clarifying acidity give it a significant pairing edge with the likes of sweet potatoes, turkey and spiced or herb filled stuffing.
Sauvignon Blanc
The high level of citrus-based flavors works well with herb and mineral undertones, so this wine pairs nicely with a variety of dishes. An herbaceous sauvignon blanc pairs terrifically with green bean casserole and roasted asparagus, and it acts as a palate cleanser for those super-rich gravies and meats – it’s quite the versatile white wine choice.
Rose can be a great wine for your holiday dinner if the correct varietal is chosen. The right rose will be bright next to mashed potatoes, refresh your palate after green bean casserole and enhance your turkey.
Pinot Noir
This red wine is a traditional favorite for Thanksgiving. Pinot Noir’s subtle earthy undertones and often mushroom-inspired flavors surround the fruit features of the wine. It all tends to show well with the traditional flavors of turkey and stuffing.
Cotes du Rhone
From light to full-bodied, the wines from Cotes du Rhone deliver fresh and expressive aromatics that will accompany any feast for Thanksgiving. Higher acidity allows for it to pair beautifully with richer foods like gravy and casseroles.
A fuller bodied red, Zinfandel is more intense that pinot noir and maintains a balancing effect on many traditional Thanksgiving side dishes. It’s a great wine pick for those looking for a heartier red wine with the capacity to accommodate spice, bitter and sweet flavors.
Thanksgiving is all about family getting together. A must for any holiday gathering is a Mimosa. Our prosecco pick was chosen because it is off-dry and will mix very well with orange juice. Happy Thanksgiving!